1996 — 25 years ago

  • Gov. Arne Carlson has ordered all public schools closed today on account of severe cold weather.
  • The state has set a new record, as the temperature in the northeastern town of Tower officially reached 60 below zero. Rochester was at 35 below zero, the coldest day in Rochester since 1951.

1971 — 50 years ago

  • Apollo 14 has been given the green light to land on the moon. (The landing was on Feb. 5. Astronauts Shepard and Mitchell collected moon rocks. Shepard hit two golf balls on the moon surface. Apollo 14 safely splashed down on Feb. 9.)
  • It was announced by the owner of the Oakland Athletics professional baseball team that star pitcher Blue Moon Odom had elbow surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

1946 — 75 years ago

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  • Bud Abbott and Lou Costello can be heard in a comedy skit on the Radio Hall of Fame broadcast this evening at 5 p.m.
  • Several wheelchairs have been purchased by the Neville-Lien Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Winona. The chairs are loaned free of charge to disabled veterans in the area. Some of the chairs will be sent to St. Charles.

1921 — 100 years ago

  • A bill has been introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives to raise representatives’ salaries from $1,000 to $1,500 per session.
  • Two young men pleaded guilty to annoying young women attending the Winona State Normal School. The men declared that they were not the only ones annoying the girls. The judge sentenced the young men to 15 days in jail, but the term was suspended, pending clear conduct.