1996 — 25 years ago

  • Jerome Foods will permanently shut down its Altura processing plant on Sept. 15, after 2½ years of operation. The closing will cost 222 plant workers their jobs.
  • More information points to a possible major catastrophe on Jan. 1, 2000, due to an arcane glitch in most of the world’s computers. Fixing the "00" problem could cost up to $600 billion.

1971 — 50 years ago

  • A federal grant of $2,297 was approved for improvements at Whitewater State Park. The funding will be used to remodel a dining hall on the picnic grounds. A refreshment stand operated by park personnel will also be provided.
  • Minnesota’s new commissioner of corrections, Dr. David Fogel, has strongly endorsed community-based programs aimed at rehabilitation. Dr. Fogel fully supports Rochester’s Probation Offenders Rehabilitation Training (PORT) program, which currently has 39 participants.

1946 — 75 years ago

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  • After a failed escape attempt at Alcatraz, convicts took over a cellblock and several staff hostages. The military was called to assist. U.S. Marines landed on the island to assist Bureau of Prisons staff to retake the prison. By the time the two-day battle ended, two correctional officers and three inmates were killed; 14 officers and one inmate were injured.
  • Ione Waechter and Gladys Hoppe have been named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of the St. Charles High School senior class.

1921 — 100 years ago

  • The Rex Robinson jewelry store has been named the official inspection station for all railroad employees of Northwestern railway. All men must have their watches inspected regularly to ensure they are keeping perfect time.
  • Mrs. Harold Crawford of Rochester told a group of women at a meeting of the local League of Women Voters that the press has not been fair to women. If they stand together, they will be the greatest force for good in the country.