1996 25 years ago

  • Lake City’s Randy Breuer was inducted into the University of Minnesota Hall of Fame. Breuer played for the Gophers from 1979-1983. He was a two-time All-Big Ten selection and lifted the Gophers to the Big Ten championship in basketball in 1981.
  • "Star Trek: First Contact,” directed by Jonathan Frakes, opens in Rochester theaters today.

1971 50 years ago

  • A hijacker apparently parachuted to freedom from a commercial passenger jet after extorting $200,000 from Northwest Airlines after displaying what appeared to be a bomb. (The hijacker, identified as D. B. Cooper, was never caught, resulting in one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in U.S. history).
  • Eighty women enrolled in the first 12-week course in auto mechanics. The course allows women to ask anything they’ve always wanted to know about cars but were afraid to ask.

1946 75 years ago

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  • Dr. Dinsmore Alter, a scientist, asserted that any group who could possibly control the moon would dictate their will to the world. Dr. Alter stated a fanatical group could launch missiles from the moon.
  • Dick Brown, the running back from Austin High School’s undefeated football team, was named to the All-State First Team.

1921 — 100 years ago

  • The revival meetings in progress at the Salem Evangelical Church are growing in interest and spirit. Rev. F. W. Schendel has been delivering powerful sermons.
  • Miss Boach, a registered nurse in a local hospital, purchased the highest number of tickets at the Lawler Theatre last night and won a free turkey offered by management.