A Letter In Support of Katrina Pulham For Rochester City Council

This letter is paid content. I watched the Ward 4 Rochester City Council Forum on a local news channel. Out of the four candidates that are running I believe that Katrina Pulham is the logical and most effective choice to be our voice in Rochester from Ward 4. I’ll say why and in no way wish to demean the other 3 candidates who offer to serve in the position. Ms. Pulham is a small business owner in SE Rochester with family farm roots in the Rochester area, which tells you that hard work and common sense are a part of her every day normal make-up. And Katrina understands hard working people and cares for those less fortunate in our Ward 4 community. Ward 4 is decidedly different than other sections of Rochester. Our diversity is special to us here and no other candidate except Katrina Pelham is able to be a voice for ALL of us.

Kelly Rae Kirkpatrick is been a community organizer who loves Old Rochester. There is a saying that If you like what you are getting, keep doing what you are doing. We in Ward 4 are looking for changes in how we are seen and treated and heard at the Rochester City Council. We are envious of other sections of Rochester that are well policed, well maintained, have viable infrastructure and the full support of the City. Katrina knows this. Kelly Rae has been part of the Old Regime for a long time. Katrina Pulham speaks plainly and with authority and energy. I know what Katrina is communicating and it is a new voice and common sense. Katrina is change.

Abel Brito is nice young man with verifiable concerns about Rochester. Mr. Brito certainly has a constituency in Ward 4 who are our friends and neighbors. Katrina’s friends and Katrina’s neighbors. Katrina will work with everyone during these tough times of Changes coming our way and argue for what’s best for the people. Kudos to Mr. Brito for bringing awareness to this campaign.

Mr. PJ Calkins is an erstwhile fellow good at computers and reading off of a piece of paper, but I’m just not convinced he has the ability to handle the matters that come up in fluid situations requiring sound judgement. Mr. Caulkins requires more seasoning before he should land on a governing body that affects me and SE Rochester. He needs to show me some real successes beyond friends on social media.

Katrina Pulham has what we need to represent Ward 4 in Rochester. Sometimes we in Ward 4 are treated like outsiders in Rochester and have had cryptic subterranean representation too long. It’s time to see the light and Vote Katrina Pulham.

E. Francis Zachary

Rochester, MN