Paid political letter: LISTEN. LEARN. LEAD.

When I announced my candidacy for mayor in October 2021, I committed to this community that we would run a respectful campaign, talking about issues and not personal attacks. As we prepare for the primary on Tuesday, Aug. 9th, I am proud our campaign has completely honored that commitment.

As you consider your choice for Mayor, I hope you will look at what I have accomplished. I have always tried bringing people up instead of tearing them down. I am proud of my work to change laws to better serve those with handicaps, especially the non-profit my wife, Joanie, and I created. I’m proud to have supported our police, our fire, our veterans, and those currently serving in the military.

I am not one to sit on the sidelines and complain; instead, I bring solutions to the table that benefit ALL. I will listen to you. I will learn from you. I will lead with you!

Please support positive change in Rochester and vote for me, Brad Trahan, on Tuesday, August 9.

Thank you.

Brad Trahan, Candidate for Mayor
Rochester, Minn.