Paid political letter: Say No To Trahan

Rochester’s August 9th primary gives us the opportunity to choose who we wish to advance to the general election - especially the mayor’s race. Make your best choice, but I ask that you do not vote for Brad Trahan. Brad Trahan is not good leadership material. On his watch back in 2007 the RT Autism Foundation’s treasurer was found to have embezzled over $36,000 from June 2005 through May 2007 See the PB article dated August 8th and November 29th, 2007. She pled guilty to 4 counts of felony theft and was sentenced to jail, probation, community service, and restitution. A prison sentence was stayed. How did this  continue for 2 years in a simple 501c3 non profit organization under his watch? And he wants to run our city? The city’s charter calls for the mayor to be in charge of all city departments and their officers. When I was on the City Council, I recall then mayor Hazama carrying a police badge. It stands to reason as the police chief answers to the mayor. Brad Trahan also quit his position abruptly as chairman of the Minnesota Autism Task Force in June 2013 over several harassment complaints filed against him by a fellow task force member.  If he was innocent of these charges, why didn’t he stand his ground.  See PB article Rochester Autism Advocate Quits Task Force Over Alleged Harassment dated June 25th, 2013.

I have known him for over 25 years back when he worked for the Mayo Clinic.  He left there publicly in a huff over benefit rights.  He boasts about his 10 years with his current job, but truth be told he has held many jobs since the Mayo Clinic.  He is not easy to get along with.  The mayor’s job is a good gig that pays over $70,000 per year with a “Cadillac” health plan and then you are somebody.  I have a feeling that this is what he really wants and will say anything to get it.

Paul Myhrom
Rochester, Minn.