What does Feehan stand for?

This letter is paid content. I’ve spent a lot of time this election year trying to find out what Dan Feehan stands for.

However, he has a history of dodging questions with vague answers, so I had to do my own research to find out what he supports. This includes open borders with free medical care to illegal aliens; President Trump’s impeachment; a public option decreasing medical care reimbursements that bankrupts our rural hospitals; increasing income taxes; a carbon tax and the Green New Deal; federally funded and late-term abortion; gun confiscation laws; the Black Lives Matter organization, which promotes Marxism and defunding the police. The list goes on and on.

There’s an easy explanation why Feehan and his policies do not fit southern Minnesota’s First District: it’s because he’s not from our district. Dan Feehan never lived one day in this district before Nancy Pelosi hand-picked him and dispatched Dan from DC to run for Congress in 2017. Pelosi and east and west coast radicals are bankrolling Feehan with over $8 million to try and buy this race.

Our current Congressman, Jim Hagedorn, deserves our support. Jim is a conservative who reflects the views and values of southern Minnesotans. He’s worked hard in Congress to sustain our farmers, support small businesses and employees and defend our rural hospitals.

Jerry Papenfuss

Winona, Minn.