A week or so ago the Post Bulletin had a short piece about how Mayo Clinic would match online donations made to the Rochester Salvation Army's red kettle campaign last weekend. How did that go? -- Red Kettle Curiosity

Your question came in just as I was sipping some eggnog and eyeing a plate of cookies. Lucky for me, the answer appeared in my inbox as just about the same time. So in the interest of not losing any eggnog or cookie time, here's what the Salvation Army had to say:

The generous people in this community raised a total of $160,911.90 through online donations to Mayo Clinic's Virtual Red Kettle between Dec. 19 and 20. (That amount was donated by 832 generous beings of the greater Rochester area.) With the Mayo Clinic matching that, a total of nearly $322,000 was raised.

This is the second year that Mayo Clinic has done an unlimited match for The Salvation Army. Last year, the match was over $170,000.

Much of the funding received from Mayo Clinic is allocated to The Salvation Army’s Good Samaritan Health Clinic, which provides emergency health, dental, and pharmaceutical services to the uninsured and under-insured, and serves about 3,000 people every year.

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The Salvation Army's Red Kettle and Mayo's generous match are Christmas miracles that keep on helping people in our community.

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