My subject for this installment of 7 Questions isn’t someone who runs a local business or non-profit, is involved in a high-profile job, or has a newsworthy event coming up. It’s my husband, Jay. And not just because he’s a convenient interview since he’s in the next room.

Although that doesn’t hurt. But here’s the real reason: Sometimes, when Jay runs into my reader-friends around town, they ask if he’s married to me. And when he admits that he is, he’ll often hear: “I feel like I already know you through your wife’s columns!”

Which is nice, but maybe not entirely fair. I mean, the poor guy hasn’t been able to tell his own story or defend himself in print since 2006. So here's Jay's chance to speak for himself in this column. For the first time in 16 years.

You actually made your Post Bulletin debut long before I ever did. You were featured in a “Your Style” column in the early 2000s. What do you remember about that?

It was a surprise. The usual style in that column was more high-end than grunge. And I was a carbon copy of Kurt Cobain, but with dreadlocks and thick, black glasses. I never was sure who nominated me, but I had my suspicions. I’m pretty sure it was someone from work.

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Ideal Saturday on your own? And with me?

This feels like a loaded question. But I’ll say that heading out on the river in the boat would be my ideal. And with you? Whatever you’d like to do, honey.

Oh, please.

Actually, I love our trips to the Farmer’s Market together and our Dunn Bros. breakfast routine on Saturday mornings. Great produce followed by great food, all local, and we usually run into friends.

When I served jury duty years ago, Judge Kevin Lund asked me if I was married to you — because he’d seen your amateur film, "Sasquatches," at the Rochester Film Festival and said it was one of the funniest things he’d ever seen. Is it still one of your favorite personal films?

In many ways it is, because it was unscripted and everyone participated as director and shooter. It took us just two weekends, really, but it won a couple awards – and was actually screened at the Midwest Weird Fest in Wisconsin and, last year, at a film festival in Toronto. It’s a mockumentary about how a group of cryptozoologists stumble their way through trying to find the elusive sasquatch … while under the influence.

What traits do you think our boys got from you?

I think they see the world with their eyes wide open, and I think that partially comes from you, but I’d like to think it comes from me, too. They’re unafraid to try new things, like Bergen changing schools this year. And like Christian and his tattoos.

That’s true that you got a tattoo in college, too.

I got my tattoo because my roommates got tattoos. It was a $20 tattoo in an old trailer in the woods by a guy who had a Harley in his kitchen. He couldn’t do the original tattoo I wanted, so I went with something I picked off his wall. I figured I was there. I’d made the drive. Might as well.

What might someone be surprised to learn about you?

There’s that "Magnum P.I." episode where Tom Selleck is struggling out at sea — and that happened to me. The riptide pulled me out from Waikiki beach and I couldn’t see Hawaii anymore. It took me hours to swim back against the tide. I could see the sand screaming out under me through my goggles. That was pretty scary.

Have I ever written anything about you that you wish I hadn’t?


That’s all?

Yes. (Laughs.)

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