What you name your dog, apparently, says a lot about you.

We're just not sure what.

“The dog name you choose reflects the personality of the owner," according to the American Kennel Club.

When I was 8, my entire family went to look at a litter of white-and-liver Brittany spaniels. The kids naturally chose the runt of the litter who, as soon as we walked into the yard, immediately tried to chew the tassels off my father's dress shoes. We brought her home that day.

That night, for whatever reason, my parents let me be the one to name her. I'm sure they assumed I would choose something like Lady or Spotty or maybe Daisy.

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I was, at the time, a big fan of the 1970s TV show "Match Game," and I was in love with one panelist, a 40-something-year-old actress named Mitzi McCall. Anyway, to honor my adult woman crush, I called a family meeting and made the following announcement: I was naming our new dog Mitzi McCall.

My parents were not expecting that. No one could have.

We compromised on Miz.

What that says about my personality is difficult to assess even now.

Today, we have two dogs. Our 13-year-old chocolate Lab is named Scout. I insisted, though, on the following caveat: That her full name is Jean Louise, like the Scout character in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” (Insert my wife rolling her eyes here when I insist on clarifying that to everyone who meets Scout.)

During quarantine, we broke down and adopted a 13-pound poodle/chihuahua/pitbull/Doberman mix. We let our youngest, then-13-year-old daughter name her. She decided on “Finch.”

It was no Mitzi McCall, but still.

In this month's Six Words Or Less, a regular feature in Rochester Magazine, we asked readers to give us their dog's name followed by a description of why, in, well, six words or less.

We received nearly 100 responses. Here are a few of our favorites.

What it says about them is up to you.

Wrigley: Hubby is a Cubs fan.

Trainer: Love my dog trainer, Annalissa Johnson.

Penny: Didn't know vet would cost millions.

Shakti: Hindu goddess, divine feminine power.

Mahogany, Spruce, Maple: Born in lumberyard.

Stella: After my favorite wine!

Kirby: Jack Kirby, illustrator, Fantastic Four.

Polly: Couldn’t comfortably yell Tootsie outside.

Osler: Dad only allowed famous dead neurologist.

Fitzgerald (Fitz): Favorite author, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Phineas: Protagonist in novel "A Separate Peace."

Mayzie: The party bird friend of Horton’s.

Cheetah: She runs really, really fast.

Goose: Silly/fluffy dog, long neck.

Frodo: Because he had very hairy feet!

Emma James Lub Lugowski: No idea where "Lub" came from.

Duke: I wanted ‘Charlie’ and was vetoed.

Snuffy/Snuffleupagus/Snuffy-laffy-gas: Me former anesthetist.

Snuggles: Changed his name after first night.

Louise: Looks at me like grandmother did.

Lawrence: Spitting image of my dad.

Savior: He saved my life.

Angel: Lost my husband, found her.

Lucky: We rescued each other.

Steve Lange is the editor of Rochester Magazine. His column appears every Tuesday.