Riders, motorists should exercise extreme caution for Fall Flood Run

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety warns motorists and riders to show extreme caution while traveling during the annual Fall Flood Run.

Flood Run (copy)

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety wants riders and motorists to exercise extreme caution this weekend as motorcyclists ride in the annual Fall Flood Run along the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Thousands of riders partake in the annual ride that takes them between the Twin Cities and Winona.

DPS offered these safety tips in a news release on Friday:


  • Be prepared for inattentive drivers by staying focused on riding, keeping your speed in check and maintaining a two-second following distance.
  • Wear the gear. Motorcyclists should wear a DOT-approved helmet and brightly colored protective gear for visibility and protection.
  • Don’t drink and ride. Every year about one-third of all motorcycle fatalities involve impaired riders.


  • Watch for motorcycles. Due to the smaller size of motorcycles, their speed and distance is more difficult to judge.
  • Always look twice before entering a roadway, turning left or changing lanes.
  • Give riders room by maintaining a two-second following distance and check blind spots.
  • Pay attention and drive at safe speeds.
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