She has 100K Twitter followers. Co-wrote a book on fasting. And her dad asked Steve to interview her

Columnist Steve Lange asks Eve Mayer, author and entrepreneur, 10 (or so) questions.

Eve Mayer.
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So, your daddy emailed me and wanted me to interview his daughter.

You should totally put that.

I’m going to. Is that pretty typical of your dad?

Oh, yes. My parents are very proud and I’m very close to them.

How did a Louisiana girl end up in Rochester?


My mom was very sick. We looked for the best place to treat her disease and found Mayo Clinic. That was 10 or 15 years ago. We all started coming back and forth for her treatments. During that time we came back and forth, we all fell in love with the place. Mayo healed her. She’s doing great. She’s fantastic. So I bought a house on Silver Lake for my parents. And now my mom mostly lives here and my dad goes back and forth for work. In September, my husband, my daughter, and I decided we wanted to be closer to them. And we also hate the heat. So we were living in Texas. And we moved here.

Just like that?

We’re entrepreneurs. Levi (Sauerbrei, her husband) has a company called Nerd Butler.

What stage of fasting are you in now?

OK. So my typical fasting schedule is just basically not to eat breakfast. I eat lunch, I eat dinner, and I don’t snack.

And you wrote a book about it?

My entire adult life was one of obesity. Then I finally found a way to improve my health and reduce my weight, and that’s whole foods and intermittent fasting. It’s been almost four years now, and when I first started to try to lose weight I did extreme things. I didn’t eat for 10 days once. That was absolute hell. I was crying, I was a mess. I was emotionally distraught.

That’s what political prisoners do in sit-in protests.


Yes, but I wasn’t protesting anything. I was protesting being fat. I really did not know what the heck I was doing. So I contacted Dr. Jason Fung, who is probably the foremost authority on fasting. I have a large Twitter following so I tweeted him, and he tweeted me back. Ended up having a great phone conversation. Told him I was coming to meet him in Toronto. Met him, and he was like, “Hey, let’s write a book together.” So he, and myself, and his scientist Megan Ramos wrote this book together, which became a New York Times Best Seller. It’s called “Life in the Fasting Lane,” and it’s now published in 15 languages.

And was that your punny title, or ...?

It was my title, yeah. I’m a marketing girl, what can you do?

You say a large Twitter following, what does that entail?

Over 100,000 people. I tweet about women empowerment, company culture, fasting, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and whatever else I want. Rochester sometimes.

Tell me about growing up in small-town Louisiana.

The bayou was beautiful, the people were kind, the food was good. I have amazing parents. I went to a great school.

Tell me about “Good Morning America.”


I’ve always had this dream of reaching some pinnacle of success and being recognized on a national TV show. And it happened, but it happened during COVID, right? So I didn’t fly to New York. It was on Zoom. From my house. And so that was bizarre.

And you have a daughter?

Luna. She is really cool. She’s in 10th grade at Century. She is also a writer and she loves her English teacher, Ms. Prokott.

That’s awesome. And you’re the CEO of Diversity Crew Institute?

And owner. Diversity Crew is a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) consulting training and education company. So I have 50 people, all contractors, that do DEI work to help companies with these areas.

Anything I didn’t ask that you wanted me to? Or, more importantly, anything I didn’t ask that you dad would have wanted me to?

No, I think my dad will like this.

Just so that I’ve covered everything, I’m going to include part of your dad’s email to me ... “Eve has done a TED Talk on women empowerment, been a speaker at several NATO conferences, been a speaker at a Mayo conference, and written books ... I bet you can tell that as her father, I’m quite proud of her.”


Oh, now he will love this.

Then my work here is done.

Steve Lange is the editor of Rochester Magazine. His column appears every Tuesday.

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