The Rochies, Part II: Some of the strangest area stories of 2022

Columnist Steve Lange looks back at the woman who drove through 150 feet of freshly-poured concrete. And more.

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The man accidentally left 5 pounds of meth in his car.

The woman drove through through 150 feet of freshly-poured, still-wet concrete.

"You can really taste the hints of exoskeleton."

It’s Part II of The Rochies, our annual look back at the best (read: strangest) stories of the past year. You can read Part I here .

"I'm going to steal some valuable coins and bullion! Well, now I am going to steal some ideas on the integration of design!"


Late on a Saturday night in April, someone tried to break into Med City Coin and Bullion by cutting a hole in the roof of the business. The hole, though, was accidentally cut into an adjacent business, Design Integration. When the owner of Med City Coin and Bullion received an alarm alert on his phone and arrived at the scene, he saw the suspect flee into a waiting vehicle. Police believe the owner of the business "most likely scared the suspect away before he could cause any more damage or steal any items from either of the businesses."

I don’t like leaving CDs or coins in my car when it has to be towed.

In May, a 46-year-old Wabasha man went to the Wabasha County Criminal Justice Center seeking the return of his vehicle from the county’s impound lot. The vehicle had been towed after a single vehicle crash. When the man arrived at the Justice Center, he was arrested, since police had discovered that the vehicle contained nearly 5 pounds of meth. The man reportedly admitted that he had purchased the meth from California and planned to sell it in Minnesota, but had accidentally left it in his car.

"You can really taste the hints of exoskeleton. And the compound eyes make for a nice finish."

In September, once again, Forager Brewing Co. released an imperial stout that had been aged in barrels with roasted ants. The beer, called Chicatanazzzzz, was “conditioned with Oaxaca Chicatana ants.”

"I ordered a foot-long, and this appears to be 11.75 inches. Now, in a reaction appropriate to the level of the situation, I'm going to belittle your job and threaten to kill you."

In August, a 33-year-old Rochester woman attacked employees at a local Subway restaurant after throwing a tantrum about the size of her sub sandwich. The woman then threatened to have her boyfriend “come to the store to ‘shoot up’ the restaurant.” She also taunted the employee, saying he had wasted his life over a sandwich, implying that he was going to be killed over it, according to the criminal complaint.

"Oh, well, then we'll just give you a 'little ticket.'"


In November, a 36-year-old woman was clocked by Rochester Police officers as driving 111 miles per hour on North Broadway near 37th Street. Officers followed at a safe speed, and soon found the vehicle in a ditch near the North Broadway roundabout at 75th Street. The woman, who was uninjured, admitted to the officer that she was going "a little fast."

Or, as the Turkey Vulture Times reported, "Tim Johnson died today."

In July, nearly 1,300 Chatfield-area residents were without power for more than an hour on a Monday morning after a turkey vulture flew into a power line.

"All units, be on the lookout for a woman yelling at people through a bullhorn and driving at a high rate of speed on Seventh Street Northeast."

In May, police responded to complaints about a 53-year-old Rochester woman who was driving around northeast Rochester yelling at people through a bullhorn while "spreading the word of God." When police tried to pull the woman over, she reportedly yelled, "Oh, look! I'm getting pulled over" before attempting to flee officers at a "high rate of speed."

"All units, be on the lookout for a woman yelling at people through a bullhorn and driving at a now very slow rate of speed on Seventh Street Northeast."

Officers then watched the woman as she drove through a road closed barrier and through 150 feet of freshly-poured, still-wet concrete before becoming stuck. The damage to the new road was estimated to be $40,000.

A car drove through construction barricades and into wet concrete on Seventh Street between Broadway Avenue and First Avenue Northeast on May 16, 2022, in Rochester.
Contributed / Don Regus

"If I am elected, my first act would be to prosecute myself to the fullest."


In October, a candidate running for the position of Olmsted County Attorney allegedly drove off after hitting a parked vehicle and was cited for failure to report property damage in a traffic collision and not carrying proof of insurance. The woman was on her way to take part in the debate for the Olmsted County Attorney post.

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