What Down By The Riverside band are you? A quiz

Columnist Steve Lange tests your musical knowledge ... of yourself.

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The free, six-bands-in-six-weeks Down By The Riverside concert series starts in a few weeks?

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And you still can't decide what band you want to see most?

Then take our annual What Down By The Riverside Band Are You? quiz.

Question #1: Are you ready to ROCK?
a. Yes! Especially if by “ROCK” you mean “Classic Rock” or “‘80s Anthem Rock.”
b. Sort of. Especially if that includes “Hip Hop” or “New Country” or “‘60s soul/gospel/R&B” or “MTV R&B/pop.”
(If you answered a, go to Question #2. If b, skip to Question #4.)


Question #2: Are you ready to dance? And scream along to the lyrics?
a. Oh, Steve, I am ready to dance so hard you can’t believe it. And also the screaming.
b. Not really. Sort of, I guess.
(If you answered a, go to Question #3. If b, skip to Question #4.)

Question #3: What lyrics do you most want to scream along to?
a. “Here I am. I’m back on my feet again.”
b. “And she’s buy-uy-ing a stair-air-way-ay ... to heavennnnn.”
(If you answered a, skip to BAND #4 below. If b, go to BAND #6.)

Question #4: When you are "sort of" dancing, what will you be thinking about?
a. The fact that I finally found a reason to wear my super-reflective silver mini dress.
b. I want to think about wearing my cowboy hat. And listening to soulful lyrics.
c. I like thinking about soul and gospel and R&B. And civil rights.
d. I want to be enlightened about geek culture. And hear funny, clever lyrics.
(If you answered a, go to Question #5. If b, skip to BAND #2, below. If c, go to BAND #3. If d, go to BAND #1.)

Question #5: Will two of your friends be wearing nearly identical super-reflective silver mini dresses and dancing in unison with you?
a. Oh, yeah! Our mini dresses will be similar enough to know we're together, but also personalized to each of us. And our dance moves will clearly be rehearsed.
b. No. I'll probably be by myself.
(Just curious. Whatever you answered, skip to BAND #5.)

The Bands
BAND #1: You should see … Nur-D (July 10)
The style: “A breath of fresh air in the Hip-Hop world.”
The songs: “Take My Picture,” “Chi-Chi,” “Chicago Avenue.”
Opener: Jae Havoc

BAND #2: You should see … Brittney Spencer (July 17)
The style: New country from a People magazine “One to Watch.”
The songs: “My Stupid Life,” “Better as Friends,” “Sober & Skinny.”
Opener: Whalen and The Willows

BAND #3: You should see … Mavis Staples (July 24)
The style: Soul/gospel/R&B from a musical pioneer. And Bob Dylan wanted to marry her.
The songs: “Touch a Hand, Make a Friend,” “I’ll Take You There.”
Opener: Mike Munson

BAND #4: You should see … John Waite (July 31)
The style: ‘70s and '80s arena-rock-meets-power-ballads.
The songs: “Every time I Think of You,” “Back On My Feet Again,” “Missing You.”
Opener: Cole Allen


BAND #5: You should see ... En Vogue (August 7)
The style: The style of, well, En Vogue. Because you will definitely know it when you hear it.
The songs: “Hold On,” “Whatta Man,” and, oh, “Never Gonna Get It.”
Opener: FenixDion

BAND #6: You should see ... A Led Zeppelin Evening (Aug. 14)
The style: Led Zeppelin.
The songs: “Immigrant Song,” “Fool in the Rain,” “Whole Lotta Love,” “Stairway to Heaven,” etc.
Opener: 9th Planet

Steve Lange is the editor of Rochester Magazine. His column appears every Tuesday.

Opinion by Steve Lange
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