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Zach Zurn of Carpet Booth Studios can pump up your audio

Get to know Zach Zurn, owner, head engineer and producer of Carpet Booth Studios in Rochester.

Zach Zurn (left), owner of Carpet Booth Studios with his band mates Cameron Bartlett (center) and Trevor Bartlett (right) after a recording session at Carpet Booth Studios on June 21, 2021
Contributed / Zach Zurn
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ROCHESTER — If making music is your thing, Zach Zurn can help.

Owner of Carpet Booth Studios in Rochester, Zurn sat down to answer a few questions about music, engineering and producing, and supporting music here in Rochester.

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When you first opened Carpet Booth, what made you choose an old church as the location for a studio?

It’s a lot of producers’ dream to build a studio in an old church. The former sanctuary gives a really cool live feel to our live room and quirky things like an old baptismal tub offer really unique audio captures.

How many people usually come into the studio to record on a weekly to monthly basis?


We’ve got someone in almost every day of the week to record in our studio A or B. We love the diversity in genre and in the people we get to work with.

What are some of the things people can do for musical and podcast recording at Carpet Booth?

Anything audio-related we will hit. We work on recording, production, mixing, mastering, session work, audio editing/repair, composing, sync/licensing, etc.

Who are some of the more notable musicians from the Rochester area that have recorded their discography at Carpet Booth?

One bigger name from the area that we work with is Yung Gravy. Although he lives elsewhere now, he comes back to Rochester often to work with our team. We also love working with the up and coming artists from the area – no matter the genre.

What are some of the things you teach interns of Carpet Booth when it comes to music production?

We focus on honing their technical skills in signal routing, microphone choice/placement, and more. But to be a good producer/engineer, communications skills with the clients is a massive area of education we try to focus on. It’s important that the artists feel comfortable in our space and with our team.

How much do you enjoy being able to help create music for yourself and others for a living every day?


It’s been my dream since I was a little kid. I feel really lucky to do this every day.

Zach Zurn at the controls for a recording session in Studio A at Carpet Booth Studios on March 20, 2022
Contributed / Zach Zurn

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