I do not like COVID-19

I’m in my house, no longer seen

In isolation, we are between

Being sad, and being mean

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When we go out, we wear a mask

For buying milk, or any task

Try social distancing, they will ask

If in the sun, you wish to bask

If you stop for a cup of tea

Not in a restaurant, you will be

For they are closed with lock and key

Unless you take out and pay the fee

I do not want virus in our house

I would not give it to a mouse

On every surface we will douse

Disinfectant applied by your spouse

If you are sick, you stay at home

And just pretend you’re in a dome

Or if to a hospital, you must roam

Bring with a toothbrush and a comb

The virus is a nasty thing

It may affect Trump or a king

If you have symptoms, any this spring

Call your doctor, give them a ring

One more verse completes this rhyme

The page is ending, I’m out of time

To finish off, I need many a dime

To buy some gin, tonic, and lime

Greg Nelson is a retiree who relocated to Rochester from the Twin Cities during the summer of 2018. The Post Bulletin publishes poetry by local and area writers every Monday. Send poems to Meredith Williams at life@postbulletin.com.