A month or so ago on my daily bicycle commute to work, a new spectacle appeared on the path looking toward the government center. The statue of a determined-looking, swimsuit-clad woman has had me puzzled since. Can you dig up the origin and explanation of this new work of art gracing our city’s downtown bike path (near the waterfall)? -- Curious commuter

Well, Curious, it doesn’t take a deep dive to piece this one together. The mosaic-coated sculpture is part of the ongoing Art4Trails public art initiative -- a collaboration between the Rochester Art Center, the Rochester Parks and Recreation Department, Olmsted County Public Health, RNeighbors and many others -- to put art in parks and neighborhoods along the trails.

The piece near the waterfall is by artist Simon Huelsbeck called “Reluctant Swimmer.”

It was made with 1-inch steel pipe armature and high-density polystyrene and epoxy finished with auto primer. The swimsuit, flippers and swim cap are mosaic.

Huelsbeck said the sculpture is meant to be whimsical, but also strong, and a statement of the impaired waters which she overlooks. The Zumbro River in Rochester is listed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as “impaired.” Hence the swimmer's reluctance.

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The sculpture is one of four temporary installations to go with nine permanent art pieces around the city.

The other temporary installations include: “Blast from the Past” on the north side of Seventh Street Northeast west of Silver Lake; “Golden Spirit” at about 9 ½ Street Southeast on the west side of Bear Creek and “Loom” north of Fourth Street Southeast near the confluence of Bear Creek and the Zumbro River.

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