This will be the loneliest Thanksgiving we can remember

And looks like the loneliness

will last deep into December.

A community crisis

Because of a virus

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Limits large loving families from

gathering together.

It used to be we worried about things like the roads and the weather.

But we know we are still loved

because our families can’t come to see us.

They worry their affections

will result in COVID infections

Because we are old and thus

vulnerable populations,

we are faced with inevitable isolation.

After the turkey and trimmings are

gone, no generational pictures can be taken.

But our minds will recall other times (unless we’re mistaken)

of holidays past

What visions will last —

Of us all each year one year older

New grand and great-grand babies bigger and bolder

Dressed in our best, smiles all around

Warm and loving expressions abound

Thank God for our memories of times gone by

They give us hope for the future

as we try

To focus on gratitude for love, faith, family and friends

And thank our Lord for all our blessings without end.

May God bless the victims of illness and death,

Their families and friends who missed each last breath

The caring health workers and caregivers all

Keep them well and strong so they don’t falter or fall.

This Thanksgiving is time for appreciation

Of all that is good about our great


This, too, shall pass, and we will


With faith, hope and love kept alive.

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