All the animals, bugs and birds

Were given names with many words

To describe their color, habits or flight,

And all were named, and named just right.

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I’m glad each beast has got a name

And naming’s not my claim to fame,

For I’ll report, and if I’m not wrong,

I’ve a knack for saying short things long.

For, if it had been my job, it’s true,

There’d be a bird called Jay-of-Blue,

And a Big-Red-Bird-With-a-Neat-Black-Cap,

And a Yellow-Feather-Fronted-Sucker-of-Sap.

There’d be a Snake-That-Rattles and a Sparrow-That-Sings,

A Gopher-With-Pockets and a Pheasant-With-Rings.

I’d have a Chucker-of-Wood and a Munk-That-Chips,

And much other nonsense to force past our lips.

Some names would produce misleading yarns,

Like the Little-Bird-That-Swallows-Barns.

But a bird I’d name right now, if I could,

Is the Red-Feather-Headed-Pecker-of-Wood.

I’d have named some turtles for the way that they bite,

But a Big-Cat-Named-Robert just doesn’t sound right.

I’d have Finches-of-Gold and, for what it’s worth,

Big-Black-Bugs-of-June and Pink-Worms-of-the-Earth.

So, count yourselves lucky, as lucky can be

That all of this naming was not up to me.

For try as I might, it would have been worst

If God had put me and not Adam here first.

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