Fill 'er up, buttercup.

Trash day is coming up!

Garbage day arrives in the 'burbs.

Neighbors scooting trash to the curbs.

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Is it the right time to roll the bucket?

We're not on an island like Nantucket.

Toss the junk, clean out worries and woes.

Recycle or garbage? Who knows.

Put the garbage cans out at night.

Or run to the curb at first light?

Is it a holiday week with a new pickup day?

So much to consider, trying to throw stuff away.

Rumble. Rumble. Rumble. Here comes the truck!

For heaven's sake, hoping for good luck.

The talented garbage truck driver is on the spot!

Successfully emptying the bucket and taking all the rot.

What a relief, the process works.

Garbage day has so many perks.

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