Half awake, half asleep.

One eye open, the other in slumber deep.

The thoughts start out familiar,

But they soon make me bewildered.

The scene is a place I’ve been

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Was it here or in a different dream?

I want to believe everything I see,

But what was can no longer be.

The images are all convoluted

For this time and place, they’re unsuited

The people come and go at random

Some I know, some are just stand-ins

These false dreams seem so sincere,

Though their memory rapidly disappears.

As vivid as they are at the time,

They soon begin to fog over in my mind.

I wish I could bring them back to clarity

Though false, they may explain my reality.

As I begin to gain consciousness,

I realize the real world is a real mess.

I try to doze off and recapture

The ordered chaos and unnatural nature

Of these dreams, the beautiful false creation

By my mind, but there’s no salvation.

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