Katie Sanvick, a 2007 graduate of Hayfield High School, is a digital artist that has a piece showing in the " Botanica" exhibition at Light Grey Art Labin Minneapolis.

The nature-inspired show features the work of 125 artists from around the world, including illustrators, designers and photographers, so it's traditional paintings, digital paintings, photography, sculpture, embroidery, jewelry, everything!

"Botanica" is Sanvick's fourth time showing at this gallery, near the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

"This is a really big show," she said. "It's a nature-inspired and -themed show, centered on the origins of the earth, creation and mythologies, and cultures and how they interact with plant life, so it's a broad topic, which is good for artists because it leaves a lot up to interpretation and gives us room to discover our own story. They had a call for entries, and over 600 people applied, so it felt great to be chosen."

Her piece, "Giver," is a digital painting based on Gaia from Greek mythology.

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"No one knows what that is when I tell them, but I have a 22-inch tablet that looks like a monitor that has a highly pressure-sensitive pen with it so I can draw on the screen. It feels just like traditional mediums because you are physically looking at what you are drawing, but it's a lot more free because you don't have to worry about mistakes. You can just hit undo. You can hide layers and try different color schemes out. I like that you can experiment more with it."

Sanvick's work usually has a lot of portraiture in it — a lot of people and animals as subjects.

"I get my inspiration from other artists, everyday life and random thoughts at the end of the night," she said. "Inspiration strikes at weird times. I kind of meander and evolve over the process. Like I had a couple ideas for this show piece when I first thought of it, but I meandered quite a bit."

When Sanvick isn't making artwork for exhibits, she is still creating artwork because she also works as a graphic designer at Image Bridge Design here in Rochester.

"I had an interest in art at a very young age, and all my life everyone told me that you can't make a living with art and I'd always be a starving artist," Sanvick said. "So I wasn't sure what kind of job opportunities there were in the art world. I met with some college professors at Winona (Sanvick graduated from Winona State in 2011) that talked me through some different avenues, and I settled on graphic design. I like how you can incorporate more illustrative developments into the artwork and make it more artsy and can make an identity for a company; I really like that."

"Botanica" opened last weekend and runs until May 13. Admission is free.

For more on Sanvick, check out her website, www.katiesanvick.com.