John Rowe, who lives in Rochester and graduated from Dover-Eyota High School in 2014, attends Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, where he studies worship arts.

Every year, the the Worship Arts Program there creates an album, "Canyon Worship," of mostly original and some cover songs recorded by its students. This year, one of Rowe's songs is featured on it.

"We have to audition the songs, so we write songs and submit them to the showcase, where we audition them again," Rowe said. "If we make it into the showcase, they display our songs, and from the showcase, they pick the songs to put on the album. This year, one of my songs made it onto the album. The song is called 'Scarred,' and I wrote it with my friend Kaitlyn Price.

"We tried to put a different perspective on why Jesus went to the cross and died for us," Rowe said. "Even though he had endured all this pain, he was beaten and scarred, and even though we rejected him, he didn't turn away from us and stayed so he could give us eternal life. The love that he has for us was the lens we looked through when we wrote the song."

Rowe has been writing songs since he was a senior in high school. "I definitely think my songwriting has improved since then," he said.

Rowe not only wrote the song but sings and plays several instruments on the recorded track.

"I was in choir and band in high school," he said. "I was in band until 10th grade and then started playing drums and picked up the guitar my junior year of high school. Ever since then, I've been playing guitar and piano and drums."

School is done for this year, so Rowe is back in Rochester, where he is spending his summer as an intern at Autumn Ridge Church.

"I get to work with the youth ministries, building worship with them, and (I) get to go on some of their mission trips, and I get to plan the Sunday night activities that we do for the youth group," he said. "I'm also leading worship for Saturday and Sunday services once or twice a month."

The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Rhapsody.

North star

Daniel Wolfe, morning anchor/producer at KTTC-TV for almost five years, had his final show in southeastern Minnesota on Wednesday.

"It's hard to believe I've been waking up that early for that long," he said.

Wolfe is heading to KBJR in Duluth, where he'll be evening anchor, which means no more waking up for work in the middle of the night.

"It will be easy to get used to a 'normal person' sleep schedule," he said, "but it will be weird for a while being awake on weeknights in the evening and at night. It's just extremely rare that I'm awake beyond 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday."

Wolfe says he'll miss the morning team.

"It's been almost the same personnel both in front of and behind the scenes for all that time," he said. "I'm really going to miss them all. I have a lot of good memories here in Southeast Minnesota. One of my most memorable experiences was covering the May 2, 2013, snowstorm as it happened. We were just reacting to what seemed like the impossible like everyone else.

"Delivering the latest power outage/road closure info, our reporter getting stuck in the snow on live TV, and Jonathan Keggesbeing so excited that he ran a mile in knee-deep snow to get to the station, it's just one of those epic events you always dream of covering," he said.

Wolfe lived in Kentucky and Nebraska before moving to Minnesota. He met his wife, Carissa (originally from the Twin Cities), while they were both attending Winona State.

"I'm extremely excited to head to Duluth," Wolfe said. "My wife and I love northern Minnesota and surprisingly don't mind cold and snow. We love fishing, hiking, canoeing and just being outdoors, and 'up north' is one of the best places in the country to do all of the above."

Congratulations and good luck, Daniel!