Freeform, the cable channel formerly known as ABC Family, premiered its new summer mystery drama series "Guilt" a few weeks ago, and I saw that one of the main characters is a local girl!

Actress Emily Tremaine, of Rochester, whom I've featured before for her roles in " Vinyl" and " The Wolf of Wall Street," plays Natalie Atwood, whose sister becomes the prime suspect in a London murder case. Co-starring Billy Zane, the show has three one-hour episodes. The fourth will air at 8 p.m. Monday, and again at 9 p.m. Tuesday and 8 p.m. Wednesday. Freeform is channel 66 on Charter Communications' system in Rochester.

You can also check out past episodes online: Go to

Picture this

Melissa Davidsonof Wabasha is a tiny artist. Let's clarify that: She isn't tiny, her paintings are.

According to my Google searches, artists working in miniatures began as a new genre back in the early 16th century, and now miniature art is back in a big way. It seems to be the new craze.

Davidson specializes in unbelievable tiny paintings full of amazing details on 2.5- x 3.5-inch canvases that she cuts out herself from a heavy watercolor paper.

Her paintings, range from flowers and sunset landscapes to succulents and zombies from "The Walking Dead," her favorite TV show. These paintings take one to two hours, in the case of landscapes, and up to six hours for portraits and zombies.

This all started when Davidson was walking through a craft store one day, observed the trend and decided to try it herself. Right away she was hooked, and has been making them ever since.

Davidson is a 2002 graduate of Wabasha-Kellogg. She took art classes throughout high school, took private art lessons once a week after school, and was in art club in college when she attended Upper Iowa University for her bachelor's degree.

"My teachers always said I had natural talent for color, but I needed to practice my drawing skills," she said. "College is where I learned to oil paint. I don't paint with oil anymore because the fumes are gross, so I use I use acrylic gloss with paint or food coloring for shading/layering; it really makes the color pop."

In photos of her paintings, you can see just how tiny the paintings are compared to the keyboard propped up behind them. That makes the detail all the more impressive.

Davidson's paintings sell for anywhere from 99 cents to $10 or more on her eBay store, which you can find easily via her Facebook page,

You can also find Davidson on Twitter, @beemoreartistic, where she has almost 87,000 followers.

When she isn't painting, Davidson volunteers every Friday in the thrift store at Winona Volunteer Services. She helps out with costumes and sometimes props for theater at the local schools.