Thirty-year-old Natalie Slagle left her Rochester roots following high school and spent eight years in St. Paul, where she met her now-husband. The two moved from the Twin Cities to Portland, Ore., for a few years but made their way back to Minnesota in 2019 to pursue their dream of launching their own business in Rochester, Fyooz Financial Planning.

“It's been an adventure launching a business in the midst of a pandemic, but we're at a point now where we can confidently say it's been a success," she said recently.

When she’s not working, Natalie likes to read, garden, and go for walks. Despite the fact that she advises people on their money, she personally advocates for making money a reflection of “who you are.” Simplistic living is true to her core, and she says that, “We try to make sure where we spend our money (like on clothes) reflects who we are and the values we try to uphold — like sustainability and authenticity.”

Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /
Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

Describe your style in five words or less.

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My style is cozy, cute and repetitive. I want to be comfortable, look good, and be able to wear something multiple times.

What are you most looking forward to wearing out now that COVID-19 restrictions are loosening up?

Dresses! It is hard to want to put on a dress when you sit at your kitchen table working. I miss the femininity it provides me. I also look forward to wearing my fun shoes!

Favorite colors, patterns and/or fabrics you gravitate toward most often?

For a while, I was only wearing neutral colors. My closet still contains a lot of neutrals, however, I found myself missing color! Now I've been incorporating pastels into my wardrobe to balance out the neutrals. I also love organic cotton.

Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /
Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

Thoughts on current fashion trends?

I love the denim trends I'm seeing. Right before COVID, I bought two pairs of skinny jeans, but apparently they're out of style now? Who knows ... I do wear a lot of vintage-style jeans and pants, as well, but I'm holding onto my skinny jeans regardless!

Fill in the blank: Every Minnesotan needs _____ in their closet.

Overalls. My favorite pair is from Patagonia!

Items worth splurging on?

Shoes that are comfortable. My husband and I do a lot of hiking and other forms of active adventure. We want to make sure we thank our bodies by supplying them with supportive footwear.

Are you a thrifter? If so, what's been your best find?

Yes! I found a Patagonia fleece pullover and a North Face flannel in the same outing! Those two items are packed in nearly every camping trip we go on.

Best clothing purchase you’ve ever made?

My Under Armour black leggings I bought in eighth grade. I still rock those bad boys today.

Most sentimental item you own?

We travel a lot. The only thing that has consistently come on all our trips has been my wedding band. I purposely didn't solder my wedding band to my engagement ring because I knew I wanted to have something simple to wear, but not be so worried if something happened to it. However, now that it has traveled the world with me, I'd be just as sad if I lost it!

Fill in the blank: I feel my best when I’m wearing _____.

A T-shirt and jeans.

Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /
Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

What are the items every well-dressed woman should have in her wardrobe?

Accessories. Changing your wardrobe to stay on trend can be expensive and wasteful. If you fill your closet with basics, then that can last you a very long time. Spice it up while staying on trend with accessories. I like to utilize earrings, headbands, and a nice pair of shoes to turn a T-shirt and jeans into something much more dynamic.

Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /
Natalie Slagle for Your Style, May 20, 2021. (Ken Klotzbach /

Parting advice/thoughts?

In my work industry, you see a lot of formal business attire, and that's how I used to dress prior to establishing our own business. The second I realized I was dressing to impress someone else rather than express who I am as an individual, my whole perception changed. I've found that our clients appreciate the fact that I'm not in a blazer and my husband isn't in a suit and tie.

Money can already be an uncomfortable topic. If I don't feel comfortable, and our clients prefer not to dress up, then why should I? It's helped me personally and professionally to express myself through my clothing in the most authentic way I can.

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