If your wardrobe is feeling a little lackluster, look no further than to local fashion Instagrammer Trina Morris for some serious style inspo. The local stay-at-home mom of four has a closet comprised of bold hues, vintage panache, and cultural complements.

“My style is eclectic chic with an emphasis on classic style pieces which can be worn for years to come,” she says.

Originally from the East Coast, Trina has been calling Rochester home now for 19 years. When she needs moments of music and clarity, you can find her playing the cello.

Trina Morris Monday, Aug. 30, 2021, in Rochester. Joe Ahlquist / Post Bulletin
Trina Morris Monday, Aug. 30, 2021, in Rochester. Joe Ahlquist / Post Bulletin

How has your style evolved over the years?

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My style has evolved into more of a sophisticated vintage style with a touch of boho chic. I wear items that tell my story, and I curate my wardrobe around pieces that will last versus purchasing items that are super trendy.

What clothing items do you sport that are a nod to years past?

Cotton vests, boxy shoulder-padded boyfriend blazers of the 1980s, and my wide-leg jeans.

How do cultural influences make their way into your outfits?

Head wraps are just one cultural influence that shows up in my wardrobe choices and have been a part of my culture for many centuries. Many women in my family have worn head wraps or scarves, from my great-grandmother, grandmothers, my mom, aunts, and cousins. They are unique in that they told the African story to include which tribe you were from, marital status and your position within your village.

What makes your style different than others?

I believe what makes my style unique is my ability to remix items in my wardrobe, giving them a new life each time.

Best compliment you’ve ever received?

“Can you be my stylist because I love to see what you are wearing on Instagram each day -- you make fashion fun!”

Thoughts on Rochester's style scene? What would you like to see more of?

There are so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds and places which adds to Rochester’s unique fashion landscape. Each person who is here brings something special from where they are from. I would love to see more eclectic fashion boutiques along with a diverse group of models (race, age, genders and those that identify as other) that represent our community.

Trends you’re seeing right now that you're particularly fond of?

I love the fact that this fall brighter colors are trending which you usually only see during the spring/summer months … like fuchsia, soft yellow and lilac.

Best clothing purchase you’ve ever made?

A great pair of wide-leg pants from Singapore.

Favorites for fall?

Cozy sweaters, maxi dresses, clogs and cowboy boots.

Most sentimental item you own?

Clothing items and head wraps which were worn by my mom and grandmother of which I regularly rotate in my daily wardrobe.

What do you think every well-dressed woman should have in her wardrobe?

A go-to tailored pair of black pants, a white cotton shirt, a pair of kitten heels, pearls, and since we are in the Midwest, a warm coat. And can’t forget a great red lipstick!

Advice for how to feel confident in your own skin/style?

Wear what makes you feel happy even if others are not wearing the same thing … it’s important to like what you are wearing because when you like it, you automatically feel like a million bucks!

Find more of Trina at @theheadwrapsocialite via Instagram and TikTok.


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