April Dahl says she is always looking for the next creative adventure.

Dahl is a professional ballroom dancer and owner of Dahl Dance. She is also the co-founder of Dancing for the Arts, the event that pairs local celebrities with dancers to raises money for supporting arts education.

When not dancing, Dahl works as an event coordinator and appreciates discovering things about people.

"I love how many unique artists live here, different cultures, different disciplines and so many secret talents," she said. "Starting conversations with strangers about what they like to create is always fascinating to me.”

April Dahl. Andrew Link / Post Bulletin
April Dahl. Andrew Link / Post Bulletin

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Please describe your style.

Functional impact.


On the dance floor and between adventures -- my clothing choices have to adapt to a lot of different activities.

Sources of inspiration?

I love retro clothing and I think that comes from my Grandma Dottie, my mom watching old movies with me as a kid. I loved Vera Ellen, Mae West and Debbie Reynolds — they had killer wardrobes and moved with style! And the first dance studio I worked at in Florida, which was right out of the TV show Mad Men.

Did COVID change your style in any way?

I got to wear rehearsal clothing a lot more — aka sweats — and my costume designers got really creative with masks.

What do you wear to formal dance events, when teaching and then otherwise?

I have an amazing closet full of costume choices and custom dresses for formal dance events, a fabulous designer who sends me dresses from Mallorca and, if I'm teaching, a serious addiction to Lululemon studio pants. Some of my favorite pieces to wear are five ceramic corsets that were custom designed for my body. When not in use, they hang as wall art.

What do you hope your style communicates?

What a person wears is less important than how they move in it. I hope my style, but more my personal energy, inspires people to be confident in their own creativity.

What is the most important component of your wardrobe?


What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe?

Fishnets, pasties and comfortable shoes.

Please tell us about your favorite accessories, including shoes.

I rarely accessorize with small things. Jewelry is a big no unless it is a costume piece glued to my body. A fun pair of boots is my favorite accessory — comfortable, bright and danceable.

Any priceless sentimental items?

There are two. I have a small inexpensive necklace that my littlest sister gave me for my last birthday. She and I are both Aries and it has our constellation on it. I love it because my sisters are awesome. The second is a tiny Faberge egg pendant my daughter brought me from Russia. It reminds me to have adventures.

Something about your wardrobe people might find surprising?

How many drawers of fishnets and feathers I have.

Preferred clothing season?

When I'm not performing, I like to wear a lot of layers, so I love fall and spring. My base is often a leotard or tank followed up with a form-fitting sweater and a scarf that wraps for days.

Do you have any favorite places to purchase clothes/accessories in town?

I love Rochester and really try to shop local but clothing is one area that is hard for me. We have some amazing formal wear stores but, at my height and size, it is a challenge and typically requires a lot of altering. I really try to work with custom designers for my dresses.

Is Rochester’s style changing downtown and around town?

The city has always had an international flair with all of the visitors and it is fun to see how they leave a little bit of their style here each time.

Parting thoughts?

Wear clothing that lets you breathe, eat and dance! If it makes you smile, your day and everyone else's around you, will be brighter!

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