For some, sitting down with a warm, buttery bucket of popcorn is a "must" when going to the movies. But one Rochester movie theater may have fewer buckets to sell to customers these days.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Sept. 7, Rochester's CineMagic Theatre said there's been, and may continue to be, a shortage of candy and popcorn oils.

The theater attributed the shortage to the companies that produce the items having "extreme" employee shortages that have caused a 30 percent decrease in production.

The theater was also notified some candy companies are projecting these shortages to last until next spring.

"We have been working daily to keep these shortages under control with substitutions, but in some cases, that may not be possible," the theater said in its post. "We just wanted to keep you informed of why some items may not be available or may be intermittently available."