LANESBORO — For the Commonweal Theatre Company, it’s business as unusual.

The theater itself remains closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but business continues, as two productions are on the verge of launching in the next few weeks.

Commonweal is teaming up with Lanesboro Arts to co-produce a podcast series, “The Root River Anthology” by Catherine Glynn. The podcast will be available online Friday, May 30.

Glynn is producing the show in collaboration with last year’s Lanesboro Arts artist-in-residence, Eric Carranza, and actors Jerome Yorke Jr. and Hilary Williams.

The story is set in a fictional Minnesota town along the Root River that is devastated by an epic flood. One of the community’s remaining structures is a phone booth washed up in a farmer’s yard. It serves as a conduit for conversations between the living, the dead, and those somewhere not firmly in either camp.

The performance will be in lieu of the annual Audacious Raw Theatre workshop that culminates in collaborative performance pieces.

During any other year, the theater company would be preparing for its performance season and the tourist season to hit their stride.

“At this point in the season, we’re nonstop busy,” said Jeremy van Meter, Commonweal communications manager.

With actors performing the script remotely, van Meter said the performance has the air of a radio drama.

In June, Commonweal will present a recorded one-man show by Brandt Roberts called “Art of the Entertainer."

Van Meter said Roberts' performance and willingness to perform the show are welcome contributions.

“It seems like a no-brainer to get him in the space and turn the camera on,” van Meter said.

Other performances and events are also in the works, but what they will be, and where and when they will be performed, depends on the state of the pandemic, van Meter said.

“It’s up in the air right now,” he said.