A revamped bar and grill with a new menu, a new look and a new name is stepping out of the shade at Rochester’s Best Western Soldiers Field Tower and Suites.

Now called Twigs Tavern and Grill, the former Shady Grill is serving "small plates" or tapas-style dishes as well as a new array of entrees, including some customers can cook at the table.

Co-owner Michelle Salz calls the style "Hot Rock." A heated slab is brought to the table and the customers use it to cook steak, fish or pork.

Smoked meatloaf — her dad’s recipe — and Country Captain curry chicken — her mom’s recipe — are among the other key entrees.

It is open for lunch and dinner.

More to the Point

The colorful and eclectic CounterPoint II and CounterPoint Home stores in University Square in downtown Rochester are expecting a new arrival soon.

Yossie and Carol Bitton are developing a third store, next to CounterPoint Home on the second floor of the mall. Marimekko Lifestyle will be a 1,500-square-foot store.

Expect a focus on Marimekko products and other Scandinavian brands, which will open up space for new products in the other stores. They hope it will open in early fall.

Why open another store in the downtown mall?

"We have seen a tremendous increase in traffic with the new restaurants and the new Peace Plaza," says Yossie Bitton.

Carol Bitton says downtown has "its heartbeat again."

"We’ve been here 12 years and it has never been better than now," she said.

They expect to add about four staff members to their current team of eight.

Root canal doc digs in

Dr. Deborah Kanaup is breaking ground today on a 5,000-square-foot building along Superior Drive Northwest, near several other dental-related clinics.

Kanaup, an endodonist, or root canal specialist, plans to use half the building for her practice and lease the rest.

Creative moves

As of last week, Creative Custom Floral and Home Decor is selling its silk flowers, decor and gifts in a new store.

Owners Kari Hanson and Diane Faye moved the operation to the TJ Maxx Plaza from its original home at The West on 2nd Marketplace by Beetle’s.

While the address is new, "Everything else stays the same," she said.

Hanson and Faye, who opened the store in 2004, have 10 on staff.

Biz buzz

• Waldo’s to return to Rochester? The owner of the legendary Waldo’s Pizza Joynt in St. Cloud was in Rochester Thursday looking at 10 to 12 possible sites. Mike Henning has no specific plans, but says "all options are on the table."

While Rochester people are excited by the idea of the local pizza place returning, he has not found anyone yet who can serve as owner/operator or investor.

"If nothing works out here by the end of the year, I’ll probably move on and look at developing up nearer St. Cloud," he said.

Rochester brothers Mike and Tim Sitzer created and ran multiple Waldo’s restaurants in the 1970s and 1980s.

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