1882 —Hot and dry winds caused tree foliage in eastern Kansas to wither and crumble.

1977 —Thunderstorms deluged the Kansas City area with torrential rains in the early morning hours, and then again that evening. Some places were deluged with more than 6 inches of rain twice that day, with up to 18 inches of rain reported at Independence, Mo. Flooding claimed the lives of 25 people. The Country Club Plaza area was hardest hit; 2,000 vehicles had to be towed following the storm, 150 of which had to be pulled out of Brush Creek, which runs through the Plaza area.

1979 —Hurricane Frederick smashed into the Mobile Bay area of Alabama packing 132 mph winds. Winds gusts to 145 mph were reported as the eye of the hurricane moved over Dauphin Island, just west of Mobile. Frederick produced a 15-foot storm surge near the mouth of Mobile Bay. The hurricane was the costliest in U.S. history causing $2.3 billion in damage. 

1987 —Showers and thunderstorms produced heavy rain which caused flooding in North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Parts of Virginia received 3 to 4 inches of rain in just two hours early in the day. Later in the day, 3 to 5 inch rains deluged Cumberland County of south central Pennsylvania. Evening thunderstorms produced 7 inches of rain at Marysville, Pa., most of which fell in three hours.

1988 —An afternoon tornado skipped across northern sections of Indianapolis, Ind., damaging roofs and automobiles. It was the first tornado in central Indiana in September in nearly 40 years of records. Hurricane Gilbert plowed across Jamaica, and by the end of the day was headed for the Cayman Islands, packing winds of 125 mph.

1989 —Snow whitened the mountains and foothills of northeastern Colorado, with 8 inches reported at Buckhorn Mountain, west of Fort Collins. Two to 3 inches fell around Denver, causing havoc during the evening rush hour.