NEW HAVEN TOWNSHIP New Haven Township is

NEW HAVEN TOWNSHIP New Haven Township is accepting quotes for road rock applied on township roads in 2023. It is estimated that about 5000-8000 cubic yards will be needed next year. Quotes for road rock, class 5, 7/8th inch, should be provided by the ton and by the cubic yard. The unit price shall include all applicable aggregate material taxes. Delivery should begin soon after spring road weight restrictions are lifted and completed by May 24. Plan for delivery and spreading of at least 1000 cubic yards a day. All quotes received by 6:30 PM December 13, 2022, will be reviewed at the New Haven Town Board meeting, sometime after 6:30 PM, at the New Haven Town Hall. Quotes should be mailed to: New Haven Township Quotes, 9024 Co Rd 3 NW, Oronoco, MN 55960, or delivered prior to the meeting. It may be helpful to have someone attend the meeting to answer questions that may come up at the meeting from the Town Board. Any quotes received will be kept in confidence until reviewed during the Town Board meeting on December 13. For any questions, please contact the Township Clerk Donna Beyer Township Clerk 507-250-2210 (Nov. 19, 2022) 123220