Re: Notice of Dodge County Wind, LLC's Filing of Route Permit Application with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC Docket Number: IP6981/TL-20- 867).

Re: Notice of Dodge County Wind, LLC's Filing of Route Permit Application with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC Docket Number: IP6981/TL-20- 867).
On September 14, 2021, Dodge County Wind, LLC ("DCW" or the "Applicant") filed a Route Permit application with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission ("Commission") to construct and operate a 161 kilovolt ("kV") transmission line and associated facilities ("Project") to deliver energy from the up to approximately 260 megawatt ("MW") Dodge County Wind Generating Facility to the electric grid. This letter provides information on the Project and the routing process, as well as how to register your name with the Commission on the Project contact list. Adding your name to the Project contact list will ensure that you receive future notices about the Project.
Project Description and Project Need
Applicant proposes to construct an approximately 26.8 mile 161 kV transmission line extending from a new substation in the eastern portion of Dodge County, Minnesota, to the existing Great River Energy Pleasant Valley Substation in northern Mower County, Minnesota. The Project will be connected to the up to approximately 260 MW Dodge County Wind Generating Facility in Dodge, and Steele County, Minnesota. The Project is needed to deliver output from the Dodge County Wind Generating Facility to Great Energy River, which is purchasing the output of the Dodge County Wind Generating Facility under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.
The accompanying map outlines the location of the proposed Project.
Property Acquisition
DCW has approximately 92 percent of the Propose Route within existing right of way. Along the few portions of the Project where poles are planned outside of existing ROW, private landowner easement agreements have been secured. In addition, DCW is working with landowners along various portions of the Proposed Route to obtain easement agreements to allow the Project to overhang onto private properties.
Certificate of Need ("CON") and Route Permit Process
CON: Pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 216B.243, a CON is required for a large energy facility as it is defined in Minn. Stat. Section 216B.2421. Minn. Stat. § 216B.2421, Subd. 2(1) defines a "large energy facility" for which a CON is required as "any electric power generating plant or combination of plants at a single site with a combined capacity of 50,000 kilowatts or more and transmission lines directly associated with the plant that are necessary to interconnect the plant to the transmission system." Therefore, while a CON for the Project is not required, a CON for the Dodge County Wind Generating Facility is required.
Contemporaneous with the submission of the Route Application, DCW submitted a CON application for the Dodge County Wind Generating Facility, which includes the Project as an associated facility needed to interconnect the wind generating facility to the transmission system. The CON application has been filed in Commission Docket No.: IP6981/CN-20-865. In addition, a Site Permit Application for the up to 260 MW Dodge County Wind Generating Facility was filed on September 14, 2021 in MPUC Docket No.: IP6981/WS-20-866. All documents filed in these dockets are available on the Commission's website at, select "eDockets," enter the year (20) and the docket number (865), (866) or (867), select "Search."
Route Permitting Process: A Route Permit from the Commission is required before the Project can be constructed. The Power Plant Siting Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 216E) and Minnesota Rules parts 7850.1000 to 7850.5600 establish the requirements for submitting and processing a Route Permit application. The statutes and rules also establish notice requirements for various stages of the process.
The Route Permit application for the Project will be considered under the alternative permitting process in Minnesota Statutes Section 216E.04 and Minnesota Rules 7850.2800 to 7850.3900. The Commission has up to six months from the time the application is accepted as complete to process and make a decision on the Route Permit according to Minnesota Statutes section 216E.04, subd. 7, and Minnesota Rule 7850.3900, subp. 1. The Commission may extend this time limit for up to three months for just cause or upon agreement of the applicant.
Within 60 days after the Commission accepts the application as complete, the Commission and the Department of Commerce, Energy Environmental Review and Analysis ("EERA") unit will hold a public information and scoping meeting to provide information and seek comments from the public. At this meeting, members of the public may propose additional route alternatives for consideration in the environmental assessment that the EERA will prepare. Once the public meeting is scheduled, notice of the meeting will be provided to persons whose names are on the Project contact list and will be published in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the Project area. After the environmental assessment has been completed, a public hearing will be held on the application. Any person may speak at the public hearing, present documentary evidence, ask questions of Applicants' representatives and EERA staff and submit comments.
Project Mailing List and Contacts
To ensure you receive written notices of the Project milestones regarding the environmental review process, public meetings, public hearings, and comment periods, please sign up for the Project contact list for the Route Permit. If you would like to have your name added to the Route Permit mailing list, send an email to docket or call 651-201-2204 (1-800- 657-3782). If you send an email or leave a phone message, please include: (1) how you would like to receive mail (regular mail or email) and (2) the docket number (TL-20-867), your name, and your complete mailing address or email address. If you have questions about the state regulatory process, you may contact the Minnesota state regulatory staff listed below:
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Charley Bruce
121 7th Place East, Suite 350
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 651.201.2251
Minnesota Department of Commerce
Suzanne Steinhauer
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
If you have additional questions about the Project, you may also contact the Applicant at:
Mark Lennox
Project Director Development Dodge County Wind, LLC
700 Universe Blvd
Juno Beach, FL 33408
(561) 694-3392
How to Learn More
Department of Commerce Project Website:
Full Case Record: All documents filed in this docket are available on the Commission's website at, select "Go to eDockets Project Database," enter the year (20) and the docket number (867), select "Search."
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Public Libraries: A copy of the Route Permit Application is also available at the following public locations:
Dodge Center Public Library - 13 1st Avenue NW, Dodge Center, MN 55927
Brownsdale Public Library - 103 E Main St., Brownsdale, MN, 55918
Blooming Prairie Branch Library - 138 Highway Ave South, Bloom ing Prairie, MN 55917
(Sept. 25, 2021)2905529