How often do you find yourself getting hungry and irritable before lunchtime?

If your answer is “often,” it may be time to re-evaluate what you are eating for breakfast. A good rule of thumb for breakfast — and any meal — is to include an item from each main food group. Try to combine fruits and vegetables, protein and whole grains.

When we eat a meal high in protein, healthy fats and fiber, we are left feeling satisfied because those nutrients digest more slowly than simple carbohydrates do.

Some examples of a balanced breakfast include:

  • Scrambled eggs with chopped vegetables and a side of wheat toast
  • Greek yogurt with strawberries and granola
  • Avocado toast with egg
  • Smoothie made with berries, yogurt and oats
  • High-fiber cereal with fresh fruit and milk

If you frequently find yourself running short on time in the mornings and don’t feel that you have time for breakfast, there are some tips that may help.

Try preparing your breakfast the night before; you are more likely to eat breakfast when you don’t have to think about what you’ll prepare. Egg scrambles in muffin tins, overnight oats and smoothies are all quick, satisfying breakfasts that can be kept in the fridge overnight.

You can also try keeping grab-and-go items on hand for when you’re walking out the door; drinkable yogurts, granola bars and fruits like bananas, apples and oranges are perfect for this.

Here is a simple make-ahead breakfast for easy grab-and-go!

Kaitlin Bruun is a registered dietitian for Hy-Vee stores in Rochester. This information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.

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