I love hearing about your deals, savings and coupon "wins!" Here’s a sampling of some of the email I’ve received recently from my super-saving readers.

Dear Jill,as you have invited readers to share stores of savings, here’s mine. I was waiting for laundry detergent to go on sale as I have paid attention to the prices and how they fluctuate. I had $1 coupons from the newspaper. The detergent was $1.99, but if you bought five bottles, the price of each went down to 99 cents.

Each bottle also had a travel size sample of fabric softener attached to it. I had four coupons, so I bought five. After all my coupons, I paid 95 cents for five bottles of laundry detergent. That’s just 19 cents per bottle! I was delighted and am well-stocked on detergent now. — Jory L.

Dear Jill,I wanted to share my excellent deal on skincare with you as it was an excellent deal regardless. My favorite brand of moisturizer was on sale for $24.99. It was also part of a "Buy $30, Get $10" in store credit for this particular drugstore.

I had a $3 coupon for the moisturizer. When I scanned my store loyalty card in the store, the store’s machine printed more coupons for this brand: $5 off moisturizer and $6 off a skincare purchase of $12 or more.

This changed things, as I was planning to buy a less expensive skin lotion to reach the $30 threshold and get the $10 credit for my next trip. Instead, I decided to buy two $24.99 moisturizers, bringing me to $49.98. I used the coupon for $6 off skincare, the $5 moisturizer coupon and the $3 moisturizer coupon. Now, I was down to $35.98.

I should mention that this drugstore often sends out surveys to shoppers asking about in-store experiences. I took a survey recently that rewarded me with $15 in-store credit. So, after using this coupon as well, I paid $20.98.

I received $10 back in store credit for buying more than $30 worth of this brand. Now, effectively, I paid just $10.98 for two moisturizers. That is just $5.49 each. Remember, they were on sale for $24.99 when I started this deal! I love couponing! — Tara H.

Dear Jill,I believe that people who are not using coupons are truly missing out on opportunities to save more than they realize. I believe we should be good stewards of our money, and there is no reason to pay full price when a small effort can save you so much down the road.

Recently, apple juice half-gallons were on sale for 99 cents per bottle. This is a fantastic price where I live and shop. Our household drinks a lot of this, so I went to the store and bought twenty bottles. Twenty! Our store had an enormous display on a pallet, so while this sounds like a lot, it barely made a dent in what was available to purchase.

While I was placing the bottles in my cart, a woman saw me and said, ‘What will you do with all that juice?’ I explained that we have four children, and with our large family, we go through close to three bottles a week. Twenty bottles is only about seven weeks’ worth of juice for us.

Then I pointed out the regular price of the juice: $3.49. I said ‘If I bought 20 bottles when it is not on sale, I’d pay $69.80 instead of $19.80. If I really wanted to spend $69 today, I would go home with 69 bottles!’

It is a wonder to me that more people do not see shopping the way we do. Apple juice stores well and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened, so buying a lot at once is not an issue for us either. — Merrilee A.

I agree! I am never afraid to buy in quantity if a deal is exceptional, or if the items in question have a long shelf life. Congratulations to all of my readers on their great savings.