Dropped into life

In night pasture's

Nursery, the

New-born calf

Struggles in the grass.

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Slick and shiny,

Fresh from the womb.

The June moon

Mirrored in Holstein.

Blankets of lick and nudge

The mother muzzling

Kine tradition soothes

A bovine contentedness

Throughout the herd.

Night breezes nestle

In lowing.

Bawling dawn

Breaks in a red

Morning hunger.

Spindle-propped hellion

Only hours old

Butts at the

Flank of breakfast.

Mother just chews,

Relieved in the giving.

The day moves

Through unconcerned.

Killdeer cry in the heat,

Scooting ahead of

Plodding hooves.

Screams of dust

Hide their piercing


Two mangy cow

Dogs fight over

The cow cleanings

They've found.

Growling tugs of

Snap and bite

Bare a restlessness

In this pastoral.

In the tall grass

The baby calf lies

Coolly hidden,

His mother sensing

The fate of

Bull calves.