I was driving on Highway 16 between Preston and Spring Valley. The sky was blue and the morning sun was shining on brown corn stalks, accentuated with green pastures and trees of gold, red and brown. It was an inspiring morning. It was a beautiful morning.

I love the autumn season. It is my favorite time of year, with crisp, cool temps and the oranges, yellows, reds and browns of the harvest. Out in the fields I watched as tractors and combines worked through the rich, dark soil, bringing the crops of yet another season of growing.

As I drove around a bend near a grove of trees, two deer grazed in the corn stubble. Perched in a big cottonwood, a bald eagle surveyed the landscape for breakfast.

The morning was absolutely beautiful with all the vibrant colors of fall. I got to thinking about the blessings of each new day. I got to thinking about the blessings of God’s unending love expressed in so many incredible ways…

When I reached my destination, I walked into my office at Faith United Methodist Church in Spring Valley and there on the window sill was a small wooden figure given to me by a very good friend. It was a small wooden figure shaped like an angel. It even had fuzzy hair and some bluish wings. On the front of it was written these words:

I’m your windowsill angel … Your reminder to pray …

Have you thanked God for his love today?

I took off my coat and looked out the window and thought about the reminder to pray … and I thanked God for his love shown to me in so many ways.

God’s love is so powerful and so awesome.

I sat at my desk for a little while and I got to thinking about so many examples of God’s love in my own life and I got to thinking about the blessings of the morning … the bright blue sky, the colorful autumn leaves, the deer, the bald eagle, the harvest. Indeed, the morning was full of blessings and wonders.

I put my windowsill angel back on the ledge and I looked out on the glory of the day. Today I want to do my best to be a faithful disciple of Jesus and to find ways to live and share the Good News of God’s amazing love. John Wesley once remarked that "love is at the very core of what Christian faith is all about." The world in which we live today is hungry for examples of love, compassion and kindness. In the midst of brokenness and conflict, there is the genuine need for love.

I prayed for a while and I gave thanks for the beauty and wonder of the morning. And I looked over at my window sill angel as the sunshine streamed in through the glass and I thanked God for his love today.

It would be my hope that you would feel God’s love for you today!