A 5-acre property north of Rochester is a spiritual sanctuary — one that Lisa Van Getson deep down always knew would exist.

A recurring dream led her to it. And that's not all that led her.

One day, while driving, looking for a place to call home, Van Getson saw two eagles circling above her car. Following them, she soon found herself at a driveway with a "for sale" sign on it. There, she found a house, barn, greenhouse and beautiful gardens that eventually became the basis for Hermitage Farm Center for Healing, a "place of beauty for praying and healing."

The barn would become a retreat and healing center. The gardens would provide a healthy food source. This would be her home. Van Getson knew, deep in her being, that "creation was at work," she said.

Van Getson has a long list of degrees: registered nurse (she has specialized in cardiovascular surgery at Mayo Clinic for more than 25 years), medical ethicist, master's degree in theology and spirituality, and a doctorate in nursing practice. But she has long felt that health care had a missing link.

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"Health care needs to be a complimentary integrated health system," she said. "We help manage chronic illnesses and renew life with spiritual support."

With a belief that patients have a right to a variety of options, 28 practitioners at Hermitage Farm offer numerous modalities which lead to a path of healing, health and peace.

Hermitage Farm doesn't advertise, really. While generating its own referrals, word of mouth brings frequent "how can you help me" inquiries. The initial visit may be with more than one practitioner.

"We look at the complexities of a person, being aware of the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit," Van Getson said. "Looking at the health care available, we believe we can't afford not to begin at a deeper level."

There seems to be some sort of energy that attracts patients to Hermitage Farm. "It's amazing how people find their way here," Van Getson said.

The farm operates with a Native American sense of reverence for the earth which is apparent in the many activities open to the public.

"We help integrate the awareness of honoring, celebrating and healing the whole Earth community: humans, animals, plants and the sacred elements," Van Getson said.

The farm's practitioners encourage anyone interested to join in events including the monthly Flute and Drumming Circle, the Dance of Universal Peace, Shamanic Journeying and Crystal Bowl concert, to name a few.

Van Getson's next step is to bring awareness to the community about all the health and spiritual services available.

Among the upcoming events at Hermitage Farm is a Nov. 9 Healing Arts Craft Fair. A complete calendar of events is posted at the farm's website.

Debi Neville is a Rochester freelance writer.

Hermitage Farm is at 6415 West River Road N.W., Rochester. Phone: 507-281-2791. Web: www.hermitagefarm.org.

Health and spiritual offerings:

• Holistic Health Coach

• Integrated Guided Imagery

• Spiritual Direction

• Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Hypnobirthing

• Shamanic Healing

• Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing

• Therapeutic Facial Massage

• Therapeutic Facial Massage for Oncology Patients

• Aromatherapy

• Meditation