Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for 1965, we're going to the R-Tic Drive-In, aka Bennie's, at the corner of First Avenue and Sixth Street Southwest, to listen to The Mustangs.

The world may have been in the middle of a British invasion with the Beatles and Rolling Stones, but Rochester had its own music scene. With no "American Idol," bands had to send records to top DJs in hopes of being heard. Thanks in part to Welhaven Recording Studio, bands like the Rogues, the Intruders and the Stingrays had that chance.

While they never would become Prince, Dylan, or the Trashmen, on that summer night, four John Marshall juniors owned Bennie's.

Of course, there is no Wayback Machine, but today we do have the Internet. Today, the Mustangs' classic surf rock cover "Jack the Ripper"can be heard around the world. (See this story online for the link.)

"Rock 'n' roll will always be; it'll go down in history."

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