One hundred years ago, a dream in sight

For Mayo boys this plan needs light

A “beam” to show the way

The river dam comes to life today

Doctors see with new found power

The dam’s work is finished … a job well done

Mayo’s “dream” can now take flight

And the river “sighs” with great relief

The soil from banks along the river

Is filling in the shores and bays

Boats no longer can float above this muddy base

The mud must go and leave this place

Another band of “dreamers” come with plans in hand

The dreamers come by hundreds from everywhere

A plan to slide the mud in tunnels to an earthen bowl

Red bells ring the news — 2019 — the dream complete

Dean Albertson lives on Lake Zumbro. He wrote this poem to commemorate the dredging project now underway on the lake. The Post Bulletin publishes poems by local authors every Monday. Send poems to Jeff Pieters, Life editor, 18 First Ave. SE, Rochester, MN 55903-6118, or email

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