Signing up for Twitter was a pretty good move for Rochester writer Ann Noser.

Shortly after creating her Twitter account, @annmnoser, Noser entered a Curiosity Quills Presscontest she found on the popular social media site. The upstart publishing house, started in 2011, loved Noser's novel, "How To Date Dead Guys,"and offered to publish it. On July 15, a book that Noser worked on for 12 years became a reality.

Editors at Curiosity Quills Press said the book fits in the new adult genre, which normally features protagonists in the 18-25 age bracket. Noser's protagonist, Emma Roberts, attends the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire, Noser's alma mater.

"Honestly, when I started writing I had never heard of new adult; it's kind of a newer phrase," Noser said. "It took me a while to write this book, so for a long time it was hanging in the bounds between young adult and new adult. I knew I wanted it to take place on a college campus, because I wanted (Roberts) to have freedom, but still not be an adult with adult responsibilities."

The book chronicles Roberts' time at college, where she's just like any other college student, except she sees ghosts. Along with seeing dead people, Roberts also, through witchcraft, learns how to bring people back from the dead. According to the book's press release, "How To Date Dead Guys" will ignite the secret powers hidden deep within each of us.

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"How To Date Dead Guys" has received positive reviews since its publication. On Goodreads, Noser's debut scores a 4.13out of 5. Her book also averages a score higher than 4 out of 5 on amazon.comand

But while there have been a lot of good reviews, there have also been a couple bad ones, and Noser says she reads them all.

"I know you're not supposed to read them, but I do," she said.

Having a book published was a long journey for Noser. She wrote her first book in high school, penned poetry and short stories in college, and started writing "How to Date Dead Guys" 12 years ago.

For years, Noser wrote everything but a full-length novel. She has published nonfiction articles in RunMinnesota, the DVM360 journal, and The Wagazine, and Pet Vet columns (as Ann Anderson) in the Rochester Post-Bulletin. Noser often attended workshops with the Rochester Writing Group at the Rochester Public Library.

In 2012, Noser sat down to write a fairy tale. When that story hit a roadblock, she went back to her decade-old partial draft of "How To Date Dead Guys." She made the final edits just in time to enter the Twitter contest.

Along with her burgeoning writing career, Noser's also a Rochester veterinarian and part-owner of Quarry Hill Park Animal Hospital.

With a successful day job, Noser admitted that she took some "writing breaks," but always went back to the computer. Her favorite saying is, "If you're able to quit writing a book, then you're not a writer. If you quit, but that desire to write remains, then you are a writer."


Book notes

"How to Date Dead Guys," by Ann M. Noser, is available in print and electronic formats through online booksellers. The cover price for a paperback is $15.99.