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Rochester native Sarah Baumgard recently has published her first children's book, "In the Mirror I Saw," in which she reminds children that they are perfect in every way and that everyone is beautiful in God's eyes.

The book is the story of a young girl and what she sees reflected in the mirror.

"It's an interactive book, and each page ends in a question to the reader on their features, and it reminds them how beautiful and perfect and individual they are even though, sometimes, they forget to remember it as they grow up," Baumgard said.

Inspiration for the book came from personal experience.

"When I was younger, I had some very hard times reading and wanted to be better, so although it wasn't physical, I still was self-conscious about it and just wanted to fit in," Baumgard said.

That experience is also what kickstarted her desire for the career she chose, as a special education teacher. It also helped her to publish her books.

"Because I'm a teacher, that first summer off was my first time ever having a summer off, so with that time -- I knew I had all these manuscripts from over the years -- I had the time to pursue things further, and started submitting manuscripts to publishers," she said. "I had tossed around the idea of self-publishing, so when I got the call to work with Take Publishing and Enterprises, I couldn't sleep for days! It was very surreal."

Baumgard partnered with a Rochester artist to illustrate her book.

"I was put in touch with Amy Liebl," she said. "Her 9-year-old daughter (Hannah) did the pictures, and Amy did the graphics for it. It's a great partnership that we have, plus it's great to have the local connection. Hannah is so young and is doing such great work, I'm very happy that we are working togther for upcoming projects as well."

Those include a second book, "Little Ladyin Red," a story of a ladybug born without spots and trying to figure out how to either fit in or feel confident as her unique and beautiful self. "We are all perfect as we are, and it doesn't matter how many spots we have," Baumgard said. "I just want to help children boost their self-esteem and sense of self-appreciation, in females, especially." The book is due out Jan. 19.

A third book is also in the works, and Sarah will be signing contracts for books 4 and 5 in the near future.

"When I was in school, at Gage Elementary, my first grade teacher asked us what we want to be when we grow up," Baumgard said. "I said I wanted to be an author, and that teacher said it's a possibility because I'm a strong writer, and that stuck with me. Well, here I am."

Her book is available in local bookstores, from online sellers, and from the publisher at

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