A wetter than normal spring has set the stage for a bumper crop of mosquitoes this summer.

Here are six tips from the University of Minnesota Extension to keep your property an unfriendly place for ‘skeeters this summer.

1. Drain any container that can hold standing water where mosquitoes will lay their eggs. Empty tires, buckets, planters, kids’ toys, pools, birdbaths, barrels, flower pot saucers and trash containers.

2. If you have a birdbath, install a drip system or small fountain to agitate the water.

3. Low areas in the lawn should be relandscaped to drain. If that’s not possible, treat the area with a water-safe insecticide.

4. Mow tall, weedy grasses to reduce available shelter. Mosquitoes often rest in shaded, protected areas including shrubs and brushy places.

5. Clear dead plant matter from garden areas. Adult mosquitoes can use these areas as shelter.

6. Switch to LED or sodium bulbs in your porch lights. Outside lights are attractive to mosquitoes; these bulbs will not attract bugs to your yard.