A strong fashion sense isn’t typically the first sentiment to come to mind with regards to someone who grew up on a small hobby farm and played college-level rugby, but Andrea White is quite an exception. The 25-year-old Rochester resident gracefully dons everything from floral pumps to jumpsuits to decades-old revival pieces and more. “It can be fun to experiment and try something new,” she says.

Andrea hails from Cambridge, Minn., where she grew up raising animals, participating in 4-H and playing an array of sports. She graduated from Winona State University and made her way to Rochester in 2016 for her current role as a Safe Harbor Specialist for Olmsted County.

She enjoys camping, volleyball, reading, spending time with friends and family, and visiting her partner in Fort Worth, Texas.

Describe your style in five words or less.

Relaxed, minimal, natural, confident, simple.

How does your job influence your daily wardrobe choices?

My job influences my daily choices in the aspect that I work with adolescents, so it helps if they feel comfortable and trust me. I try to portray a sense of calm and well-being for those that are around me. I must also balance those choices with semi-professional wear and court-appropriate pieces, as my office is in the Government Center.

Favorite decade as it relates to fashion?

I really enjoy pieces from the '70s. I love bell-bottom pants and the feel of carefree, flowy garments.

What are the colors, patterns and/or fabrics you gravitate to most often?

I am drawn to neutrals and gem tones when it comes to color choices. I love a nice pattern to play with as well.

If you could only choose five clothing items to keep, what would you choose?

Five is a challenge for me! I am definitely someone who is aware that I have too many articles of clothing. I would have to pick the basics: a dark skinny high waisted jean, a black v-neck T-shirt, a midi skirt, a soft, warm oversized sweater, and a jumpsuit.

Items you think are worth splurging on?

Timeless pieces that will last are important for me. I enjoy clothing items that can evolve with me as I grow. No matter the season or what I am gravitating to style-wise, I love pieces that can transition through it all.

Best purchase you’ve ever made (as it relates to clothing/shoes/jewelry)?

I hardly wear bright colors so this is funny, but I have a pair of floral pastel heels that are absolutely gorgeous and are a great statement piece. I can’t wait for any opportunity to bring them into my outfit.

Most sentimental item you own?

Jewelry from my travels is always something I hold near and dear. Specifically, a bracelet from my time studying in St. Croix with the engraved word “strength” in the inside of the band is special. It’s a constant reminder to continue to be a strong woman in all aspects of my life.

Favorite accessories?

As winter approaches, I would have to say scarves. I love to be cozy and comfortable and a scarf really can add to any outfit.

What are the items every well-dressed woman should have in her wardrobe?

Confidence is what comes to mind for me. When I try on clothes, I want to feel like it brings my personality forward. Also, I truly believe women should create a space where they are comfortable to be themselves, whether that be in a beautiful dress with the hair and make-up to match, or simply the comfiest pair of sweats they own. Loving yourself and your body is number one!

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