The youngest of three brothers, 29-year-old Plainview native Garrett Kolb grew up wearing his fair share of hand-me-downs. That salvaged style has stayed with him to this day as he remains a big proponent for shopping secondhand.

Kolb is a graduate of RCTC and enjoys playing music, camping, traveling, and building custom furniture and tiny houses. “Creativity is my forte,” he says.

He also is a strong advocate for local farmers and eating from the land. “I believe eating whole foods and cooking are the key to good health and high energy.”

How would you describe your style?

Minimal and practical. Living in a tiny house and traveling so much forces me to keep my wardrobe simple.

How does being a musician/woodworker impact your style choices?

It gives me the freedom to dress myself how I like. When touring, I pack light. Black shirts can hide coffee spills and trail mix crumbs. Gotta love that. Jeans are too stiff for the van rides, so cotton slacks are my favorite. Cut-off sweat pants if I’m really looking for maximum comfort. Most of my clothes come from thrift stores.

What clothing pieces do you find yourself reaching for most often?

As a kid, I struggled with dry skin and eczema until I realized polyester was the leading cause of discomfort, so almost all my clothes now are cotton, silk, or nylon. Cotton is king, polyester is garbage.

Favorite season as it relates to clothing?

Summer. “Going where the weather suits my clothes” — Fred Neil, “Everybody’s Talkin’”

Any sentimental pieces in your closet?

I like buying clothes when traveling, so a lot of my clothes remind me of particular places and good times.

What items do you think are worth splurging on?

Red Wing boots are a solid investment.

Fave pair or kicks?

Vans (pro style) are my favorite drumming shoes.

Most daring (or regrettable) ensemble you’ve sported?

I once wore some nice clothes at a wedding and destroyed them all by the end of the night. Dancing and nature walks don’t add up.

Favorite local places to shop?

Savers for used clothes, SUFO for custom clothing.

Advice to improve Rochester’s style scene?

Let your hair down and relax a bit.

Words of [style] wisdom you think everyone should live by:

Dress to impress yourself. Wear what makes you happy.

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