Gina Marcucci graduated from Winona State University with a bachelor's degree in mass communications in 2015. She has since lived in Anoka, Bristol, Tenn., Minneapolis, and now Rochester.

She freelances as a marketing consultant and graphic/web designer and currently works for the City of Rochester as a marketing and communications assistant. Additionally, she works at Schmitt Music and plays in the band My Grandma's Cardigan.

You can typically find her donning flannel or classic tees, while heels and shoulder-baring tops have no place in her closet.

Your style. Five words or less. Go.

Comfortable, functional, flannel, mood-reliant.

How does being a musician impact your wardrobe choices, if at all?

I have found myself using the phrase "this would be a good show shirt" very often lately. You know, things I probably wouldn't choose to wear for an everyday event but would definitely wear on stage. It has been the best way I've found new styles or patterns I didn't know I would like. 

Are you a thrifter? If so, what has been your best find?

I have a silky button-up crop top that is mainly a "show shirt" that I found. People always ask if they can touch it because they can’t tell what the material is. 

Items in your wardrobe you can't live without:

Flannel, black jeans, target canvas sneaks.

Most sentimental item(s)?

I have a good stack of T-shirts from my travels that I've been holding onto and collecting since I was a kid. There's a Saints tee that I used to wear when I was 5 or 6 that I can still wear today — softest thing in the world.

Favorite, and least favorite, trends you're seeing right now?

I'm not a fan of the off-the-shoulder strappy top look. I'm digging the high-waisted bikinis that are happening though! Very '60s.

Any items you'd never be caught dead wearing?

High heels for sure. Lack of coordination mixed with too much love for my feet. Can't do it. 

Favorite season as it relates to clothing choices?

Fall, aka flannel season. 

Best compliment ever received?

"You're wearing that dress backwards … but it works." I hadn't been aware that I was wearing it backwards — but it was definitely more comfortable the way I had it on, so that person really reinforced my decision to continue to wear it backwards. 

The piece you find most versatile:

Flannel — I had a feeling this may be my answer for most of these questions…

Fill in the blank: On any given day, I'm usually sporting ______.

I mean … flannel — whether it be around my waist or fully on. Also, I have four pairs of different colored target canvas sneaks that I wear most days. 

What are the staples you think everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Aside from clean underwear, a nice pair of jeans and solid-colored tee. On the days I can't decide or even just to start, a base layer of nice jeans and a solid tee goes a long way. 

Your go-to places to shop in the area?

Target mainly. Savers if I have the time to peruse. 

Any parting words/fashion advice?

I'll say the same thing I say to my roommate anytime she comes out to me with outfit options — which one are you most comfortable in? And that can be physically or mentally comfortable. Sometimes there's an outfit or a piece of clothing that you just know will make you more confident or cozy in your own skin — that should always be the choice.

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