“Always interesting but never overwhelming” is the basis for Kunle Roberts’ style. A web designer and developer at Mayo Clinic, he now works (and grew up) in Rochester but left for a while to attend college in Houston, Texas. “It was still 3-4 months of extreme weather, so I didn’t mind coming back to the North,” he says.

Working out is a favorite pastime of Kunle’s and he enjoys it almost as much as baking and eating desserts. “Most of my time outside of work is spent hanging out with my significant other, family, and friends, playing video games, or exploring the area,” he adds.

Describe your style in five words or less.

Simple, versatile, modern fit.

How does your work wear differ from your weekend wear?

I'm trying to get to a place where transitioning from work to the weekend simply means 1) losing the suit coat/blazer and tie; 2) untucking the shirt; and 3) trading dress shoes for sneakers or boots. It encourages my work clothes to be more dynamic, and my casual clothes to be more sophisticated.

Any items you wear that you feel sets you apart from others?

I really like my sleek black backpack from The North Face. It isn't as distinguished as a briefcase, but it holds all the stuff I need for work, the gym, or travel.

Clothing pieces, colors and/or certain patterns you gravitate toward most often:

Mostly blues, reds/pinks, and grays. There is usually one bold, starring color in any outfit I put together, sometimes coming from a tie, other times a pair of chinos, even a baseball cap. The goal is for each outfit to be interesting, but never overwhelming.

Any sentimental item(s) in your wardrobe and/or items you’ll never part with?

I have a pair of red canvas sneakers that are past the "lived-in" stage and well on their way to "destroyed,” but I really like the pop of color they add to otherwise muted looks.

Thoughts on Rochester's style scene?

I think we do pretty well. Could probably use a couple more bow ties. And I'm surprised more men don't wear three-piece suits in the winter for a bit of extra insulation.

Items worth splurging on?

A winter coat/parka :) I'm also contemplating getting some well-made Goodyear welt boots that I can keep getting resoled until the end of time.

Favorite season as it relates to clothing choices?

It's got to be fall. It's always fun to break out the peacoat and cardigans. #MisterRogersSwag

What are the staples you think every well-dressed man should have in his wardrobe?

Navy and charcoal are the classic "everyone-should-own-them" suits, but I'm partial to medium gray. Fitted dark jeans and simple white sneakers will never let you down.

Your go-to places to shop:

As someone who is 6' 4" with a 6' 10" wingspan, not a lot of clothing fits me off the rack. Custom suits from Indochino are a godsend, and Banana Republic does a pretty good job with offering tall sizing as well. Can't beat Old Navy and thrift stores for casual items.

Any stores you think Rochester is missing?

Honestly, I just need more convenient mail/shipping drop-off locations to send back returns. Is there a good men's consignment/resale shop I'm not aware of?

Parting fashion thoughts?

I like to think of my wardrobe as a system of interlocking parts. How does each piece factor into the whole? What items will create more opportunities for the items I already have? Which items are now on the fringes wasting space? ABC - Always Be Curating. It's good practice for curating the other aspects of one's life.

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