A day for the discontented and hopeful

Columnist Emily Carson says that July 4 that happened 246 years ago was a beginning, and we are still growing.

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On a summer day 246 years ago, a document was signed, sealed and en route to a king. The authors of that declaration were determined to forge a new path believing fiercely that life could be different than it was.

That day wasn’t the beginning or the end of the story. July 4, 1776 was a single day along the lengthy trajectory of a nation still in process.

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For those who come to this weekend worn and weary, you are not alone.

You are in good company. Discontent and hope have fueled generations.

We can choose to learn and unlearn heal and be healed free and be freed.


This country will be what we make it. May we deconstruct and reconstruct with wisdom.

We are now the ones in the seats at the table witnessing up close the surprising precarity of democracy.

May the waving of the red white and blue with its stripes and field of stars slow us down to a stop. May we see it all anew.

May our flag appear less an historical artifact demanding our allegiance – and more a living invitation to actively engage in the shaping of a future we’ll create. May hope, grounded in reality, awaken our imaginations.

May we keep going, stewarding the story of this nation forward still fiercely believing in all we might yet become.
"Holy Everything" is a weekly column by Emily Carson. She is a Lutheran pastor. Visit her website .

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