507 Featured Artist: Brian Rognholt

He makes swords. SWORDS.

Knight's Templar by Brian Rognholt, Artist Blacksmith

I began working metal as a hobby in the late '80s, using my great-grandfather's coal forge.

Many objects of function and art have crossed (my) anvil over the many years, including: sword blades for a movie, tables in various attorneys' offices across the country, elevator floor dials (who knew?), hinges, plant hangers, garden arbors, and hundreds of feet of fence!

"Snake Bite," a rattlesnake bowie, 1200 layer feather damascus. By Brian Rognholt, Artist Blacksmith

After appearing on History Channel's "Forged in Fire," I was able to retire from my 30-plus-year position at Mayo Clinic in the Transfusion Laboratory.


The few years since have been busy acquiring new skills and equipment. I don't think "retirement" is actually what happened, but whatever one calls it, "fulfilling and rewarding" would certainly fit!

See more at , on Instagram ( @brianjrognholt ), or in Season 4, Episode 22 of "Forged in Fire."

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