6 things to do with 2017's best albums (so far)

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2017 has been kind to us, music-wise. Several artists have released debuts and others have released long awaited follow-up albums. Celebrate 2017’s halfway point with the six best albums so far, all while having fun in the community with friends. Pics or it didn’t happen!

Pick up your friends to "Evolve" by Imagine Dragons

There is no worrying about missing out on any of the tracks on "Evolve." If the last friend to be picked up hops in the car halfway through the album, it’s no big deal. The tracks on "Evolve" are steadily exciting, so everyone will be pumped and ready for the day to come while listening. While you’re on the road, might as well pick up some coffee. I recommend getting an iced or blended drink to accompany the warm weather.

Best track:"Whatever It Takes"

Underrated track:"Start Over"


Paddle boating on Silver Lake to "SweetSexySavage"

by Kehlani

Everyone can pitch in a few dollars to rent a paddle boat to ride around Silver Lake, $13 for a half hour, or $23 for a full hour. The perfect album to accompany a relaxing, yet active, ride around Rochester’s lake is certainly "SweetSexySavage." Kehlani serves chill beats with melodic lyrics boasting self love and acceptance of relationships, failed or not. The music is underscored just enough that conversation can still be had while the music is playing.

Best track:"CRZY"

Underrated track:"Do U Dirty"

Picnic at Quarry Hill to "LANY" by Lany

After paddling all over the lake, it will be time for some lunch. Pick up food and head to Quarry Hill. The dreamy and summery tracks on Lany’s full-length self-titled debut unite to create a fluffy underscore to a summertime picnic. Listeners may recognize their popular track "ILYSB" that came out on an earlier EP.

Best track:"Good Girls"


Underrated track:"The Breakup"

Beaching and hiking at Chester Woods Park to "Ctrl" by SZA

"Ctrl" (pronounced "control") bodes well with relaxing in nature, especially on a local beach and hiking trails. SZA is brutally honest with her lyrics, which are backed with rhythmic beats and bass. She reflects on fear of imperfection and the process of release during heartbreak. You’re sure to find your Instagram caption for the photos from the day in her lyrics.

Best track:"Love Galore"

Underrated track:"Prom

Volleyball at Bear Creek Park to "DAMN." by Kendrick Lamar

Continuing the sand theme, everyone can enjoy a game of volleyball with the perfect pump-up music after relaxing at the beach. Before arriving, stop and grab some water or slushees from a gas station as a refresher. The only other thing you’ll need is a volleyball. Kick off your shoes and have a fun, competitive game accompanied by Lamar’s latest album. "DAMN." is multi-faceted in the sense that Lamar confronts controversial and recent topics; he even samples soundbites from news outlets that criticize his subject matter.

Best track:"DNA."


Underrated track:"ELEMENT."

Go home and wind down to "Flower Boy" by Tyler, The Creator

After a long day of fun, the time comes to lay down and relax alone at home. Take a shower, reflect on your day, and chill with a pair of headphones and "Flower Boy." Tyler, The Creator urged listeners on Twitter to "listen front to back and don’t be distracted." "Flower Boy" strays from Tyler’s typical work — this album is about solitude, lost opportunities, and personal reflection. He clears up his personal life through overt lyricism and musical grace.

Best track:"911/Mr. Lonely"

Underrated track:"See You Again"

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